World's Largest Tape Ball | 2001

Translucent hockey tape
5' x 5' approx
Installation view: International Hockey Hall of Fame. Kingston, Ontario 2001

A loosely wound ball of clear hockey tape roughly 5 feet round made up of 36km of tape. The piece was built as a site specific installation in the International Hockey Hall of Fame a museum which suggested glory days of past since the museum was much more important in past, being the main holding for all hockey related possessions. When the Hockey Hall of Fame was built in Toronto this earlier one in Kingston was kept open but with limited funding and visitors. The hockey tape ball was created to suggest not only the idea of a new addition to the museum as an attempt at a blockbuster draw, but with itís spongy core it gradually condensed and lost itís round shape, appearing as though it had been there for years and needed to be repaired like may of the other artifacts.