Some Days Are Better Than Others | 2004

Embroidered towels
Dimensions variable

The title references the various travel slogans used to tempt winter weary Canadians such as “Come back to Jamaica”, “It’s better in the Bahamas” and “Cuba si!” However, this newest catch phrase has a more skeptical ring to it, like its origin was found in the fine print of a travel brochure for an island that suffers from regular hurricanes. This text piece has resulted in several projects over the last year, all of which consider the expectations and anticipation of being somewhere better while using mediums which identify with the reality of the routine life. In one version, the text was embroidered onto six yellow towels to be hung outside regardless of the weather. Each towel had one of the six words in a blue thread to match the clothesline they hung from. In this installation, the glamour of traveling is juxtaposed against the domestic aspects of our lives which for most people equal a 2-50 week ratio.