A Set Of Coins Tossed Once Each Day Until All Tails Prevail | 2010


Debossed ink & graphite on paper, archival box, coins & display case

This project uses a complete 2009 specimen set of Canadian coins (1¢,5¢,10¢,25¢,50¢,$1,$2), which are coins untouched by anyone and not meant for commercial use. They were removed from their protective display case for the sole purpose of being tossed once each day in a single coin toss with a fixed goal but an unknown end date. The project began July 1, 2009 and will continue until the day the tails side of all seven coins land face up. The result of the daily coin toss is recorded in the form of a graphite rubbing on paper with the date added in pencil.

This project runs counter to the Canadian Mint’s goal of fetishizing money by rescuing the coins from an existence limited to controlled viewing pleasure and the gradual increase in value. In exchange for their immediate devaluation amongst coin collectors, the freed coins, now considered imperfect, are reborn into the art world, and upon completion of the project, they will be once again put on display with a new even higher value, recognized almost exclusively by the equally small art world. The work is sold at a fixed price, regardless of the number of prints required for the successful outcome.