Rope Holders | 2002


Archival ink on post cards
4" x 6" each

A series of standard postcards from the 1950’s to 70’s, to which a thin black ink “rope” has been added for all the tourists to hold on to. The rope distinguishes the tourists from the locals, just as walking down the street with a camera and a large map would. The work portrays the staged atmosphere in postcards of that era as the rope does not drag behind anyone walking, nor does anyone reject holding it. The ropes, which are drawn to be circular rather than having two ends, are the exact size needed to accommodate the number of people in each card, regardless of distance, and may surround large objects which would never allow the group to leave holding it. The rope mocks the post war vacation image of the perfect getaway while marking a triumph in organizational skills to get unrelated groups of people to all casually hold a rope while acting natural.