People I Know | 2000


Altered colour photographs
Dimensions variable

"People I Know" (2000) is a series of family and school photos altered to acknowledge the people in my life that have been forgotten with time. Each person in the photos becomes a personal challenge put to myself to remember who they are, anyone I have forgotten or never knew at all are then covered with silver leaf as a process of elimination, with memories of a valued friendship or a single event that stands out sparing the rest from deletion for now. 

The project consisted of two parts, the first using a number of original photos from vacations, hockey teams and family reunions, while the second series uses every class photo from kindergarten to grade 8 which have been enlarged and framed. A few of the original photos were framed while the majority of them were placed in a large nostalgic looking photo album which, in an exhibition, is made available to the viewer a living room area. Contrasting the subtlety of the photo album, the enlarged school photos are hung along the wall in chronological order.