Nessie | 2001


Single channel video 
18 minutes, colour, silent

A video shot in the Scottish highlands at Loch Ness where the reputed monster lives. Throughout eighteen minutes of footage, the handheld camera remains focused on the picturesque lake with the majority of the screen showing water. As so many other tourists waiting, filming or photographing are already aware, this is no ordinary lake. We are all hoping to capture the same image of Nessie. Naturally as nothing happens, people give up and head to the small tourist shop conveniently located in a beige aluminum structure built within the 14th century ruins of Urquhart castle on the edge of the water. While three quarters of the screen covers the water for a glimpse of Nessie, the bottom left corner captures this fascination with the shop and the many tourists who, without any sign of the monster have decided to buy, or at least browse some of the many souvenirs available to complete their trip.