Maps Of The Stars The North Pole & The South Pole | 2010


Installation view @ Birch Libralato Gallery
Silkscreen prints on Maidstone rag paper
34.5" x 43"
Edition of 20 each

A Map of The Stars is a pair of silkscreen prints reproduced from a 1906 atlas which chart the stars as viewed from the North and South poles. The prints include the original longitude and latitude lines as well as several commonly identified constellations but now also include the subtle addition of nation-influenced constellations which reflect the current land claims and disputes on earth (five countries are vying for the North and seven have claims to the South pole). The project makes a clear reference to current affairs at both ends of the globe by pondering the next frontier of exploration and subsequent conflict once a value is established in owning the skies. Much like the current debate over the seven modern wonders of the world, the maps question the relevance of constellations established centuries ago. Instead, the maps propose an overhaul of the constellations, fuelled by national pride but designed to reinforce territorial boundaries.