Loch Ness Landscape | 2002-2003


Giclee print on Arches water colour paper 
13" x 18.75"

A series of giclee prints on watercolour paper which emulate traditional watercolours despite being computer rendered versions. Unlike the hundreds of actual watercolours for sale around the loch, my prints are based solely on existing 24 hour webcams that scour the lake, allowing the viewer to take a “snapshot” on their screen if they see something. Since the cameras are positioned to capture idyllic landscapes regardless of the monster, I randomly save images then mask them with Photoshop’s “watercolour” filter to create stylized renditions of what a watercolour should look like. The series considers what an ‘original artwork’ is anymore by mimicking the scores of formulaic watercolours sold to tourists who feel they have bought a one of a kind piece despite choosing from dozens of identical scenes. In contrast, my images, while capable of being mass produced, are only printed once and are not editioned works